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Introduction to Ocean King Fishing Arcade a.k.a Tembak Ikan
[ 04-10-2017 ]
Introduction to Ocean King Fishing Arcade a.k.a Tembak Ikan

Ocean King Fishing Arcade - An Introduction also know as Tembak Ikan

Ocean King  Fish Hunter game, up to 6 (or 8) players can go in a race competing against each other to catch as many and more profitable fish as possible;t is scoring points to get the biggest payout! This simple concept offset by fast, exciting gameplay that requires quick thinking, fast movement of figures skill and coordination in order to be the best! At Malaysia & Indonesia, local people call it Tembak Ikan


The game appeared in Malaysia about a decade ago and immediately earn up against the local game player due to its simple mechanics and addictive play. Walk into any arcade in Malaysia and you'll see them sitting up in a group with players sitting around the fishing box, slapping their cigarette. Unusually for a video game, the machine is popular in the middle age either men or women. That creates a lot of fun for either city or small town.

Do you want to play the latest Real TimeArcade Fishing Game full of unique features, cool graphics, and of course an unforgettable gaming experience? Download and play OceanKing: Fishing Arcade now!



The best PVP mode from all the Fishing Game there is! Only in OceanKing: Fishing Arcade you can bet your Diamonds and double the amount! Winner takes all!


Only Ocean King that will give you REAL rewards from awesome events- 100% guarantee! So, why play games that cannot guarantee any real rewards when you can play Ocean King?!


Tired with your ordinary and repetitive bosses from Fishing ArcadeGames? Here you can get to fight and shoot large Boss with horrific features that will give you an epic experience! Upgrade your Fish Cannon dan shoot those Boss!


Worried that you will be running short of gold while playing? Only in Ocean King or Tembak Ikan , you can get thousands of FREE gold every day! Keepon playing, collect Diamonds, GET EVEN MORE!  can contact our website, and available at ACE333 and Suncity Slot application

+6011-2373 7570
ibc003slot | ibc003_morning2
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